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The Lantern Festival is traditionally celebrated on the 15th day of the first lunar month. Temples big and small throughout Taiwan are festooned with lanterns and hold festive activities for the occasion. 

The 2016 Taiwan Lantern Festival will soon be held in the Taoyuan City. The festival site is a 20-hectare belt starting from the THSR Taoyuan Station Square and expanding till the Qingtan Garden. This year’s festival takes inspirations from Toyuan’s natural ponds and ethnic cultures, and optoelectronics are used to present images which manifest Taoyuan’s culture, technology and visions. Only recently upgraded as a city directly administered by the central government in 2014, Taoyuan is ready to show its charm to the public this time. The festival will be different from any of the other traditional fests. Visitors from at home and abroad are all cordially invited to take part in this grand event. Welcome to the 2016 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taoyuan!

Past event videos

  • 2016 Inauguration- Fireworks-setting
  • 2016 Inauguration- Main Theme Lantern
  • 2016 Taiwan Lantern Festival lighting ceremony rehearsal
  • 2016 Main Lantern and Small Handheld Lanterns Press Release
  • 2015 Inauguration- Main Theme Lantern & Fireworks-setting
  • 2015Taiwan Lantern Festival lighting ceremony rehearsal
  • 2015 Main Lantern and Small Handheld Lanterns Press Release
  • 2014 Theme of Horse Show
  • 2013 Theme of Snake Show
  • 2012 Theme of Dragon Show
  • 2011 Theme of Rabbit Show
  • 2010 Theme of Tiger Show
  • 2009 Theme of Ox Show
  • 2008 Theme of Mouse Show
  • 2007 Theme of Pig Show
  • 2006 Theme of Dog Show

Traffic Info 

How can one get to the festival site with as little difficulties as possible, since so many visitors are swarming in? Don’t worry. “Traffic Info” will help you make a satisfying plan. Have a smooth trip and bring home great memories!





Tourist Info

In this section we will introduce to you the popular tourist spots and selected package tours of the Taoyuan City, so as to help you enjoy Taoyuan people’s hospitality and their culture, while trying out traditional food and appreciating handicrafts. You are cordially invited to explore the city in the day, in addition to attending the lantern festival at night. Have fun in Taoyuan!