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2015 Lantern Festival
Wuri High Speed Rail、Taichung Park、Fengyuan District


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Explore the lantern festival with Oh! Bear
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The Lantern Festival is traditionally celebrated on the 15th day of the first lunar month. Temples big and small throughout Taiwan are festooned with lanterns and hold festive activities for the occasion. The 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival will be held in Taichung City. The main theme lantern area will be placed at Wuri High Speed Rail Special Zone: a 20-hectare venue in Taichung City spacious enough to accommodate visitors from across Taiwan and the world. The main theme lantern from the Year of the Ram festival in 2003 (still fully preserved at Taichung Park) will be displayed in tandem with the 2014 lantern, making Taichung the first city to host the festival for the same Chinese zodiac animal twice. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the lanterns and fun in Taichung.

Other than evening lantern shows, don’t miss street parades in the day

Taichung is a key traffic hub in Taiwan. It is frequented by visitors who wish to explore its diverse culture, remarkable history, amazing nature, thriving industries, fun leisure spots, and fabulous arts and cultural performances. Taichung is like a giant amusement park ready to receive its guests all year round. Enjoy food and shopping in Taichung. Don’t miss the lantern events in the night!

Immerse in the wonderful dining experiences of Taichung


The number of participants at the Taiwan Lantern Festival has increased by year. Make sure you don’t miss the festivity as it only lasts 11 days. Do you know how to make a travel plan for this event? What vehicles can you take once you arrive in Hsinchu? Where can you park your car if you drive here? Check out the “Traffic Info” section and find everything you need. We wish you a fun, fulfilling trip!

Plan ahead to ensure a pleasant trip


The 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival is an amazing one. Every lantern is so vividly made in detail. If you have been to the festival, check out this section to relive your memories. If you ever miss it, don’t be sad, simply visit this section instead. You can always enjoy a festive atmosphere through the videos and photos we’ve prepared. We hope they can make you feel happy and refreshed. We also wish you lots of luck in the year to come!

All of our past festivals are great!