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Area layout

Fantastical Forest Land

Taking advantage of Houli Forest Park's unique forest environs, the main festival site is named the "Fantastical Forest Land." The region's characteristics are ingenuously integrated into the site's designs, while basing all concepts on sustainability. A number of tourist attractions in central Taiwan are presented here as the festival's yearly highlights.

The "Fantastical Forest Land" contains five areas on a "one flower, five petals" layout. They are: the high-tech sector area (Island of Polar Day), the creative art area (Kingdom of Fantasies), the joy and fun area (Forest of Happy Mice), the global friendship area (Valley of Resonance), and the traditional lantern area (Town of Traditional Crafts). Each area represents an aspect of life. In Fantastical Forest Land, visitors can expect to look at their innermost selves, while finding a purest ever, crystal clear state of mind...

Houli Forest Park


Last Update:2020-02-06