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Year of the Mouse Lantern

According to Taiwanese folklore, the third night of a year in the lunar calendar is the day of "the mice's wedding." People used to say that they could hear mice squeak a lot on this night. In order not to disturb the mice's big day, people would go to bed as early as possible, and leave rice, salt, and pastry in the kitchen or house corners for the mice to enjoy new marriage and for themselves to celebrate a year's good harvests.

Inspired by this renowned folk tale, this year's DIY lantern set is printed on both sides of a sheet of paper. The children can either choose to make a mouse groom or a mouse bride, and play it with others.

The mouse's neck and waist is adjustable. When pulling the lantern's double-string handle, the mouse would bow as if bowing for wedding vows, or for celebrating the New Year. The lovely lantern can also be used as a hand puppet. It is a wonderful toy for children to play together.



Instructions for making your paper lantern:
  1. Fold the paper sculpture along the folding lines. Refer to the instructions to assemble the lantern step by step, inserting each numbered tab into the slot with the same number.
  2. Assemble the head by buttoning up the paper buckle from No. 1~5, then turning the nose inside. Fold the hat/ cover of the head (No. 6) forward to the small hole on the top of head.
  3. After the body (No. 7) has been assembled, remove the chip inserted in the LED and lock the LED in the square hole from inside to outside.
  4. Connect the head to the body, insert both No. 8-9 paper buckles beneath the head into the wedge-shaped hole above the body from outside to inside and fix them.
  5. Fold the hands and lock them to both sides of the body (No. 10-11), then pass the red ribbon flower through from the inside to the outside and lock it. (No. 12).
  6. Assemble the lower half of the body (No. 13-14). Make the groom by assembling the pants or the bride by assembling the skirt.
  7. Connect both parts of the body by buttoning up No. 15-16 paper buckles from the inside to the outside to lock both parts of the body together.
  8. Assemble the handle (No.17-18) by locking two carrying straps onto both ends of the handle and connecting it to two pores of the head and butt (No.19-22). Switch on the LED light to light up the lantern.


the mice's wedding
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Last Update:2020-02-08