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Main Lantern Area

Main Lantern - Guardian of the Forest - Tree of Light

Designer: Lin Shuen Long

"Guardian of the Forest - Tree of Light"

Accompanied by fluttering butterflies, chirping birds and fragrant flowers, this lantern is an artistic representation of a simple seed that emerges and transforms into a giant tree. The seed’s spirit then rises up and reincarnates in the sky as a full moon and a rising sun floating upon the “life energy” rings of this land of Taiwan. The 22 illuminated bands along the tree’s trunk represent Taiwan’s 22 municipalities and counties, while the 368 flower buds represent its districts and townships, and the 2,359 heart-shaped leaves represents Taiwan’s 23.59 million people. Finally, gathering together at the top of the tree are a group of dancing butterflies and a family of White-eared Sibias.

"Guardian of the Forest - Tree of Light" join together to pray for Taiwan’s harmony, unity, well-being, happiness, and prosperity.


Main Lantern



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Last Update:2020-02-10