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Offering new sensory experiences at the lantern fest, Kingdom of Fantasies goes beyond imagination

Date of publication:2019-12-26

The 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival will soon take place from February 8 to 23 in Houli. Kingdom of Fantasies - Creative & Artistic Lanterns will present works of art by four sub-themes, new art, new lanterns, new experiences, and new feelings. The area is so full of fantasies, almost beyond one’s imagination. Its interdisciplinary creations are going to bring to visitors highly enjoyable sensory experiences like never before. 30 years after the festival has been held annually by the Tourism Bureau, MOTC, the festival is expected to reach a new peak this year. Kingdom of Fantasies- Creative & Artistic Lanterns have three themes, forests, genies, and people. The experiences for the five senses, sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch can be enjoyed through the 13 main lantern installations by 15 invited artists with innovative perspectives. Space, music, plants and light are all well incorporated at the festival, making the venue feel like a graceful fine art museum, if not an interactive theme park. The music is relaxing, and the side events held are carnivalesque. Other than displaying lantern art, one “parade of the genies” will be held daily during the festival period. The Genie of Muse will lead visitors to feel the vibe of nature through dance, while exploring the amazing beauty of the Kingdom of Fantasies. Visitors can even make wishes in a special high-tech area as they plant “seeds.” The unique, remarkable experience is unprecedented, beyond imagination, and full of fantastical elements.

At the area entitled Creative & Artistic Lanterns, 15 installation artists show their works of art. Such include as a giant cheese installation entitled Burger for Mice ( made with bamboos by Taiwanese installation master Yu Wen-fu); Forest Express (by plant and space designer Lee Chi) which interprets light as space through abstract multimedia creations while revealing aspects of light through images of dance; Protective Leopard Cat (created together by Russian artist Katya Molodtsova and renowned Taiwanese lantern-maker Lan Yung-chi, across language barriers and a 4,300-km distance) which manifests both country’s cultural charm; Home of the Muse (by artist Hsu Ching-ting) which is inspired by Terrarium, a kind of micro greenhouse ideal for making scientific ecological observations - and its show 13 mini multimedia works.

The 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival has many innovative installations for visitors to enjoy a refreshing experience. Kingdom of Fantasies especially displays lanterns of ingenuity and innovation. The festival’s thorough planning and its artistic displays will definitely leave people in awe -the site is simply remarkable beyond words. All members of the public are cordially invited to enjoy Taiwan Lantern Festival!

 Kingdom of Fantasies

Last Update:2019-11-22