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Artistic “Guardian Tree of Taiwan” shines bright at Taiwan Lantern Festival

Date of publication:2019-12-30

The 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival will take place with grandiosity from February 8 to 23 in Houli, Taichung soon. On the Lantern Day, at the forest park, the festival will officially be inaugurated. In its 31st year, the festival is being upgraded to version 2.0, as an artistic open-air museum, not just a big playground.

The central lantern area will bear the theme of “fantastical forest land.” Advocating sustainability, it shows the region’s best features through innovative sensory experiences. The colorful lights here serve as interactive works of art - a newfound highlight of the fest.

Stressing the power of design, culture and industry, the main lantern zone takes the shape of a five-petal flower, featuring five sub-areas, High-tech Lanterns, Arts & Creative Lanterns, Lanterns of Joy, Traditional Lanterns, and International Lanterns. A number of Taiwanese artists and designers are invited to shape this fantastical forest land.

Named as the Guardian Tree of Taiwan and created by famous artist Lin Shun-lung, the 15-meter tree-shaped lantern stands straight in the forest park. The lush green century-old tree seems to be giving blessings to Taiwan, with butterflies and birds dancing amidst its leaves and twigs. Well integrated with its surroundings, the lantern is a perfectly combined presentation of tourism and ecological conservation. For the first time, visitors are allowed to explore the main lantern and interact with it, and this is expected to bring to them an unprecedented beautiful lantern-appreciation experience. When the festival is over, the lantern will still be on display at this site, serving as a special landmark of Houli Forest Park.

Other than the presenting main lantern, which is not to be missed, the Tourism Bureau has adapted the famous Sounds of the Blooms of the Taichung World Flora Expo into something more. With upgraded software and hardware, as well as enhanced night-time lighting, the artwork now turns into Heart of Everlasting Light which keeps brightening up the land of Taiwan. At High-tech Lanterns, a lantern show about monster insects jointly presented by Taiwanese and French artists can be enjoyed. Arts & Creative Lanterns provide whole-new sensory experiences by 15 artists and designers. Traditional Lanterns show Taiwan’s most beautiful scenery through finely crafted lanterns. International Lanterns allow visitors to learn about foreign cultures without having to go abroad. This year’s lantern festival presents various technologies and artworks at once, whilst advocating ecological conservation. It is going to be a must-visit during lantern-day celebrations. All members of the public are cordially invited to attend this annual lantern event in Taichung. Lighting up Taichung, the government hopes to make Taiwan seen by more in the world. Welcome to visit Taichung for an auspicious, colorful and splendid lantern feast!

fantastical forest land

Last Update:2019-11-22