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Taiwan Lantern Festival’s side lanterns show off tradition and tech at once

Date of publication:2020-01-03

The 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival will be inaugurated amidst grandiosity on February 8 at Houli Forest on Park in Taichung City. All kinds of beautiful, creative lanterns will be on display, and arts and cultural shows will go on and on. Following right after the lunar New Year, the festival is going to draw a large crowd of visitors. Jazz, Mice and a Wedding and A Hundred Singing Birds are the two tradition-inspired side lanterns which manifest fine craftsmanship. There is also Blessings to the World that touts technology and innovation. Visitors can expect to enjoy traditional lantern art and high-tech innovations at once, through the attractive lanterns at the festival venue.


Since its foundation in 2008 by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Taiwan Lantern Festival has devoted to making breakthroughs. Passing down tradition while introducing innovations, the festival not only displays large traditional lanterns but will present high-tech modern lanterns. Also, for the first time, gigantic side lanterns will be installed in accordance with the themed lanterns. Visitors are free to explore different lantern areas by then.


Speaking of the side lanterns, located in the area entitled Lanterns of Joy on the west of the main lantern, Jazz, Mice and a Wedding is inspired by children’s tale The Mouse Gets Married. Its author, chairperson of Taiwan Lantern Art Society Lan Yung-chi, introduces Houli as a town of saxophones to visitors. The resounding jazz music turns out to be perfect companion for traditional puppetry here. Alongside is the Forest of Happy Mice which features mice genies and fairies. Visitors are encouraged to enjoy the personified animal lanterns in these unique settings.


A Hundred Singing Birds is created by famous lantern artist Wan Yao-jui. It is located in the central area of the lantern site, within Valley of Resonance - International Lanterns. Featuring Mikado Pheasant, with a few other special birds in Taiwan, this work of art celebrates the friendship between Taiwan and its global friends. As this installation’s Chinese title suggests, Taiwan’s Snow Mountain is home to many kinds of rare birds, and they all seem to gather up to send auspicious, joyful greetings to visitors.


Situated in the Kingdom of Fantasies: Artistic & Creative Lanterns, Blessings to the World is created by artist Lin Chih-yu (known for pseudonym Wu Chao). “The way of squares and circles” being the main concept, this square-shaped gigantic work of art well expresses compassion, good wishes and the energy of life. At its entrance are seedling installations, and the lights above project goodwill texts to the ground. When visitors touch the lights, “seeds” will fall down and make sounds. Through an interactive visual/audio experience, visitors shall feel so much blessed by the celestial Mother of Forest.


The Tourism Bureau, MOTC cordially invites all to visit the festival when it starts, to enjoy the happy Lantern Day known as “the small lunar New Year” and to bring home many blessings for a peaceful and lucky year.  

Creative Side Lantern Blessings to the World


A Hundred Singing Birds


Jazz, Mice, and a Wedding

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