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Pneumonia prevention measures are in place for the lantern fest

Date of publication:2020-02-03

The annual Taiwan Lantern Festival will soon be inaugurated on the lantern day, and it will last from February 8 to 23 for 16 days. Since the festival period is longer this year, the visiting crowds might be dispersed more evenly. To fight against severe pneumonia with novel pathogens (Wuhan pneumonia), the Tourism Bureau, MOTC convened quite a few consultation meetings with Taichung City Government, and inquired about the city government’s preparation work. At this moment, it is decided that all festival staff members must wear face masks when necessary, and the festival site should be sterilized regularly. Based on the instructions of the Central Epidemic Command Center, a few relevant measures might be implemented to manage the site. The festival’s medical center should also prepare hand-washing amenities for those in need.

According to the instructions released by the Central Epidemic Command Center on January 29, 2020 on avoiding being infected with severe pneumonia with novel pathogens (Wuhan pneumonia) at public transport and public gatherings, before an event is held, the organizer should prepare a sufficient amount of hygiene products, including hand wash and paper towels, depending on the number of attendants and time of event. During the activity period, hand sanitizers should be available to those in need. People who have respiratory symptoms should wear face masks and use hand sanitizers. The Tourism Bureau kindly asks all visitors to manage their own health conditions properly first, and then appreciate lanterns with ease.

The Tourism Bureau noted that people should especially “wash hands often,” “beware of respiratory hygiene and cough etiquettes,” and “stay home when feeling sick.” In fact, since the lantern zones are mostly outdoor spaces, there’s no need to worry too much. People should just carry out disease-prevention measures well on their own and monitor their own health conditions. In cases such as fever, coughing, or other respiratory symptoms, they should stay home or inform the medical staffs at the lantern fest, and see a doctor as instructed. All healthy visitors are still cordially invited to appreciate lanterns at the 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival, where amazing sensory experiences are offered.

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