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At the 31st Taiwan Lantern Festival, President Tsai lights up the “Guardian Tree of Taiwan” for the next generation, planting the seed of hope

Date of publication:2020-02-08

The 31st Taiwan Lantern Festival was unveiled at Houli Forest Park in Taichung City today. At 7pm, President Tsai Ying-wen hosted the lantern inauguration ceremony, with musicians playing drums and trumpets. One of the organizers, Tourism Bureau under the MOTC, encouraged the public to come to Houli Forest Park in Taichung to appreciate artistic lanterns which resonate well with their surroundings. Such a combination is unprecedented and it makes the festival truly unique. 

President Tsai noted that, due to Wuhan pneumonia, the festival organizer has faced many challenges. She would like to thank Taichung City Government and the Tourism Bureau, MOTC to make the 2020 festival happen. Taiwan Lantern Festival not only represents Taiwan as a “brand.” It passes down tradition through innovative installations and performances by local groups. To highlight Taichung’s best features, the festival’s main lantern area is set at the venue of the 2019 Taichung World Flora Expo. The “Guardian Tree of Taiwan,” deriving from a special seed falling from the sky, represents the festival’s spirit of sustainability. This year, there even is a splendid international lantern zone which displays lanterns from Japan, Canada, and a few other countries. And the festival’s disease-prevention work is carried out by the administrative team and volunteers. They deserve enthusiastic applauses, for the effort they make to ensure the hygiene of the festival site. Lastly, this year’s festival theme is “splendid Taichung under rays of the rising Sun.” All festival goers are encouraged to share festival photos with their families and friends, particularly via social media. 

The highlight of the festival inauguration ceremony was a Houli miniature horse carrying the seed of hope and blessings on its back. The horse and the seed were handed over to the president by children. Nurtured by love and good wishes, the seed shall sprout, grow and thrive into a big tree of hope, protecting Taiwan like the sky. 


 President Tsai lights up the “Guardian Tree of Taiwan” for the next generation, planting the seed of hope lights up the “Guardian Tree of Taiwan” the lantern inauguration ceremony

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